Hike to the Mic 2020 Going Virtual

Hello Friends of the Heublein Tower and Hike to the Mic!

This year’s Hike to the Mic is going virtual!

We will be developing for broadcast a virtual concert event featuring our Hike to the Mic performers and artists and friends of the Tower. 

The Virtual Hike to the Mic will be broadcasted on the Hike to the Mic weekend of August 22 & 23.

Please help promote this event and show your love for the Tower.

We still need your help!

All sponsorship dollars received this year and any funds received will be used to pay for the creation of this virtual event and the balance will be used for the Tower improvements with a portion of any proceeds being directed to a boots on the ground local charity. Details on that to follow.

Events like Hike to the Mic rely on event sponsors, as well as donations from guests. Due the distancing nature of an online broadcast, if you would like to make a donation to help make this event successful, please do so below:

Hope everyone is well and safe and thank you!

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