Press Release: Northwest Community Bank Helps Light The Beacon

For Immediate Release:

(Avon, CT…. June 11, 2021) The Friends of Heublein Tower, Inc. is pleased to announce a $15,000 contribution made by Northwest Community Bank towards their 2021 ‘Light the Beacon’ campaign. This generous donation will directly support the fundraising efforts of this campaign and support the work of Friends of Heublein Tower in their restoration and reinvigoration of this historic Connecticut landmark.

Over the past 107 years, the Heublein Tower has become a symbol of home and a beacon of light for our families and community. The “Light the Beacon” campaign is helping preserve this rich heritage for the next 100 years and beyond. The Friends of Heublein Tower, along with the generous support of community partners Northwest Community Bank, have launched a capital campaign with the aspiration to repair and re-light this incredible structure so that visitors and residents alike can admire the original Tower splendor as it was generations before.

Every charitable contribution counts in this campaign. The Friends of Heublein Tower’s goal is modest – $150,000 will not only “Light the Beacon” but will also help fund other important renovations to preserve and enhance the iconic Heublein Tower and grounds.

Northwest Community Bank’s $15,000 donation will ‘light the way home’ for thousands of families and individuals for generations to come.

Northwest Community Bank is a mutually owned state-chartered bank, headquartered in Winsted, Connecticut since 1860. In addition to Winsted’s Main Office, the bank has branches in Avon, Granby, New Hartford, and Torrington; and an academic branch at Northwestern Regional High School in Winsted.

The Friends of Heublein Tower, Inc is a non-profit preservation society, established in 1984, for the purpose of restoring for public use the state-owned Heublein Tower landmark to its original and authentic 1914 splendor.  By providing time, talent and financial assistance, the Friends of Heublein Tower supplement the state of Connecticut’s efforts in restoring, improving, and interpreting the Heublein Tower and its surrounding grounds. The restored Tower serves as a museum and a place of learning, gathering and exploration for the educational and social benefit of those who visit.


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